Hotchpotch Issue #1 is Live!

I’m especially excited to share my story that came out today in Hotchpotch Literature and Art because not only did I have a blast writing the story, but I helped create the magazine where it’s been published! Hotchpotch Literature and Art was a collaborative effort, and so much fun because there was so much to learn and great friends to work with.

May be an illustration of text

Here’s a link to Issue #1. I contributed a science fiction story, “Direct Link.” I also did a little promo video on YouTube for the story.

The Bringers Duty in Abyss & Apex

So excited to share my story, “The Bringer’s Duty,” in the July issue of Abyss & Apex. Here’s the link to the story:

Story released today in Spank the Carp 50th issue

Spank the Carp is celebrating five years and its fiftieth issue today. I’m excited to have a story in their lineup for this issue.

Ms. Cattywompus and the Piebald Porcine Prize

The story was loosely inspired by participation in the county fair when I was growing up in Iowa. However, my 4H project didn’t involve livestock. Instead, I created a photo exhibition of our family poodle in imitation of Coolidge’s Dogs Playing Poker.

The Book of Magic Places

Excited to have a flash fiction fantasy story in the latest issue of Alcyone Speculative Fiction and Poetry! The issue is up on Amazon in either Kindle or paperback format.

Alcyone: Issue III: Speculative Fiction and Poetry

My contribution is called “The Book of Magic Places.” It’s a story of worlds within worlds, and it was so much fun to write about the different settings. Here’s the Pinterest board I used to inspire me while I wrote: