Hotchpotch Issue #1 is Live!

I’m especially excited to share my story that came out today in Hotchpotch Literature and Art because not only did I have a blast writing the story, but I helped create the magazine where it’s been published! Hotchpotch Literature and Art was a collaborative effort, and so much fun because there was so much to learn and great friends to work with.

May be an illustration of text

Here’s a link to Issue #1. I contributed a science fiction story, “Direct Link.” I also did a little promo video on YouTube for the story.

Stage Fright

It’s that beautiful time of year where summer is cooling into fall, and I realized I never posted about the fun science fiction short story I had published in the Moonshot summer issue of Peach Velvet Magazine. So I wanted to get the post up while it’s still technically summer! Check out my story “Stage Fright” and the other space-themed art, poetry, and stories here.

The Bringers Duty in Abyss & Apex

So excited to share my story, “The Bringer’s Duty,” in the July issue of Abyss & Apex. Here’s the link to the story:

The Spyder

Spyder Spyder, in the night
Dressed up for a spooky fright;
What potion gave you eight long legs,
And eight awful, googly eyes?

Cotton candy cobweb trails,
Like sticky, gossamer pink tails,
Unwind behind you down the street
As you go out for trick-or-treat.

How do you run on just two legs?
Who knocks on doors for sweets and begs?
And when your eight eyes start to blink
Who’s the one whose heart will sink?

With your pincer chelicerae
Candy now becomes your prey.
What chocolate, candy corn, or gum
Will you, this dread night, overcome?

Story released today in Spank the Carp 50th issue

Spank the Carp is celebrating five years and its fiftieth issue today. I’m excited to have a story in their lineup for this issue.

Ms. Cattywompus and the Piebald Porcine Prize

The story was loosely inspired by participation in the county fair when I was growing up in Iowa. However, my 4H project didn’t involve livestock. Instead, I created a photo exhibition of our family poodle in imitation of Coolidge’s Dogs Playing Poker.